Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

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As they're handmade, each one varies slightly.

Serenity is a choice. So is anxiety. The whole world around us may be in chaos, but if we want inner peace, we can. Our flowing relaxing lullaby geomantic sapphire tree is like an endless, warm ocean for your soul and its leaves are like waves soothing. This water like crystal washes away the pressure and fear, leaving a space for peace and tranquility in their absence. Any time you need it, touch these delicate Aquamarine leaves as a reminder to open your heart, rather than let the heat of the mind dominate.

The symbol of the tree of life: growing, deeply rooted and reproducing.

Sea blue green leaves: quiet, flowing, soothing.

Size: 8-10CM

Hand wrapped copper wire.

Agate base: balance, grounding, harmony and stability.

Because it's all about natural materials when it comes to trees, each one is unique in shape, color and size.

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