Anti-Aggression Pocket Alarm

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Dealing with the self defense : When encountering theselfdefense
, pull out the small bolt on the alarm buttock (usually you can add a small rag doll on it, better pull), then immediately send out an alarm of close to 120 decibels, scare the satyr
Caring for the elderly: The elderly have sudden illnesses. The sudden illness at night can immediately send out an alarm to inform the family who is sleeping. When the elderly (or jogger) travels abroad, if they are lost, they can pull out the small bolt on the alarm buttock. Alarm, people who are near one kilometer will hear it and come over to see
Nowadays, the safety of children is getting more and more attention from is more safety guarantee for hanging an alarm on the bag
The primary role of this product is not to send an audible alarm to get help, but to scare it. Everyone has heard a sentence,when it is a guilty conscience. It is true that as long as people are doing bad things, they are psychologically weak, so when someone wants to When the hand of sin reaches out to you, a high-decibel alarm sounds suddenly. What is his first reaction? he must be running, so this is the main principle of the alarm, followed by the attention of the people around the sound through the sound, get help! I wish everyone peace and security!

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